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EPIC Enables Secure Collection, Management, and Need-to-Know Sharing of Critical Personnel Information

Natural disasters, terrorist events and other critical incidents have underscored the vital importance maintaining an efficient, highly effective system of first responders. Optimal utilization of department resources, cross-authentication of mutual-aid responders, and efficient, skills-based deployment of the right response teams are critically important for public safety and cost-effective resource management.

EPIC's versatile, interoperable platform provides practical operational tools that enable individual organizations to gain immediate return on investment while supporting the growth of the trusted EPIC Responder community.

Simple Online Enrollment

To enroll, interested organizations simply complete an online registration form for review by EPIC program administrators. Once accepted for program participation, your designated representative will be guided through the submission of online membership applications for each of your members. EPIC provides all the necessary online forms, tools and reports that you need to securely collect personal data, gain membership approval from designated local representatives, manage detailed personnel identity and training records, access real-time and accurate data for internal reporting, print ID cards, and field-authenticate critical data.

Training and Safety Officers

  • Maintain accurate training records
  • Automatically alert members
  • Print, issue and manage ID cards

Incident Scene Commanders

  • Deploy responders based on verifiable skills
  • Authenticate mutual-aid responders
  • Better control and audit scene access

Emergency Management Officials and Dispatch

  • Quickly identify specialized responders
  • Coordinate optimal resource utilization

Strength in Numbers

As regional participation in the EPIC community grows, scene commanders and safety officers can easily field-verify the identity, training, professional certifications, and access credentials of all individuals who require access to secured zones including: public safety; fire/rescue; EMS; and all the supporting utility workers, contractors, and essential personnel from private companies. Plus, local and county dispatch, and emergency management officials can leverage EPIC's powerful, real-time reporting capabilities to quickly extract personnel with specialized training for optimal resource utilization and deployment of responders based on verifiable skills.

Join the trusted EPIC community now.