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EPIC Relieves Skilled Personnel of Administrative Duties, Protects Members' Privacy

Today, departments and private organizations are challenged to track members' training records and professional certifications. Often trained officers and HR managers develop time intensive systems aimed at assuring that individuals meet the safety and security standards demanded by local, state and federal requirements. Limited staffing, increased scrutiny of personal data collection, maintenance of privacy controls, compliance with training requirements, and new authentication standards all contribute to the need for more efficient, effective means of assuring the identity and credentials of the broad first responder community nationwide.

EPIC empowers local administrators to:

  • Easily maintain member training records and professional certifications
  • Automatically alert members and supervisors of expiring certifications
  • Quickly print, issue or revoke customized ID cards without duplication of data or effort
  • Point and click to extract personnel certification and compliance reports for your organization
  • Ensure strongest protection of members' personal data

EPIC identity, certification and credential management tools eliminate duplication of effort and time spent performing administrative duties. Permission-based access to personal data ensures the strictest protection of individuals' privacy rights.

EPIC Delivers a Complete Package

  • Managed Web-based service works with existing Internet-enabled smartphones, laptops, tablets and PCs (IE-compatible)
  • Accessible anywhere at any time (authorized users only), with no special hardware of software requirements
  • Supports compliance with HSPD-12 and FIPS-201 for protection of national infrastructure and credential issuance
  • Enables regional response communities to share critical identity and training data for improved safety, security and resource allocation